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I hope all is well in your world.


Whatever you think about most often expands in your life. So if you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you will get more life experiences of not having enough money. Focusing on opportunities to make money will get you a thousand times further than worrying about the lack of it.


Visualization is more than just positive thinking. It's about putting your mind and body in the ideal place first, and then flooding your subconscious with a colourful experience of life as you want it.The more relaxed you are, the more open your subconscious is to receive the messages you want to send it. And the more senses that you involve in your Visualization, the more of an impact it will have.


Let's say that you wanted to buy a new car. The meaning of a "new car" is too vague a term. What kind of new car do you want?


You need to be absolutely specific. So you don't just want a new car. You may feel you only want a red ferrari for example but incase the Universe decides it's not the best car for you Affirm for a red ferrari or something better as in that way you won't be disappointed. You want a brand new red (or any colour) 2011 (car of your choice) with cream interior and a 360 horsepower engine. And once you have that decided, you're going to Visualize it. You are going to see yourself walking up to it. You are going to feel how smooth and perfect the outer body feels. You are going to get inside of the car, and smell the leather. You get the point.


Here's another important characteristic of the subconscious mind: it can't tell the difference between your outer world and your imagination. Meaning that if you visualize an event like a party or wedding in great detail and with a lot of emotion, your subconscious mind will believe that it's really happening. And the more times you practice Visualization properly, the more "real" it will seem to your subconscious.


This is key because once it believes your visualization to be a fact, it will then be of assistance by sending you ideas, opportunities and motivation to transform your outer world.


Action Steps for Visualization:


1: Decide on what desire or goal you want to visualize.


2: Lay or sit down in a comfortable position. You can have easy listening music playing or pure stillness in a quiet place


3: Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number 10 to yourself. Take another breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number 9 to yourself. Repeat this until you get to zero.


4: Now visualize your goal. Don't view it from the third person. Put yourself there. Use all of your senses. Experience in vivid clear detail how this goal looks, feels, tastes, sounds and smells like. The more specifics you can add, the stronger the effect. You will know that you are doing it correctly when you start to feel excited. This is caused because your subconscious mind honestly thinks that this event is happening. It causes you to feel joy.


5: Once you have visualized as many details about the goal as you have the time for, usually about fifteen minutes, you can start to come back to full awareness. Remember to ground yourself. Imagine roots growing down from the soles of your feet and stamp your feet to bring you right back down into your body. You will feel energized and refreshed. Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number zero to yourself. Continue this process until you get back to ten. Hold your breath once more, and this time as you exhale, say the following phrase out loud: "I am now fully awake, energized and refreshed and I love myself.


Perform the Visualization once daily, usually sometime in the middle of the day. We all lead very busy lives and sometimes scheduling in this exercise takes some skill. Be creative because you can do this almost anywhere.


"I see with love and joy"

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