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Benefits of Complementary Therapies

People are turning to complementary therapies more now as they are not getting full satisfaction and results from conventional medicine alone. A combination of the two appears to be the key for many & much research has been conducted by professionals to support this. This is evident now as Health providers namely VHI, Quinn Healthcare & Aviva offer partial cover depending on your Health Plan on certain complementary therapies for example Reflexology & Massage. These therapies are also used in many Hospitals, Care Homes, Hospices, Mental Health Institutions & in the Corporate world.

Loretta's treatments can assist & promote a variety of the following:


Hormone Balance: Regulate menstruation & PMT; Improve fertility; Healthy & enjoyable pregnancy; Menopausal symptoms.

Depression, grief & anxiety: Promote positivity & improve mood; Build confidence & satisfaction in life.

Stress Reduction: Enhances clarity & more focused outlook; Cope with economic & financial changes.

Aches, pains, arthritis, tired body: Aids flexibility & lubrication of joints; Reduces inflammation.

IBS, Colitis & Digestion: Regulate bowel function, assists constipation, promote peristalsis in gut; Can ease bloating.

Detox: Improve skin tone & reduce cellulite; assist liver; improve overall health & boost immunity.

Insomnia, headaches, migraine & eye-strain: Improve sleep patterns & increase brain function; relieves eyes from glasses & excessive use of computers.

Soothe the nervous system: Improve concentration levels; Assists exam studies & work deadlines, Relaxation & ease nerves


Fluid retention, oedema, blood pressure: Improve circulation & lymphatic drainage.

Relaxation & revitalisation: Enjoy sense of calm, harmony, well-being & time for you.

Stimulate body's own healing power: Increase energy levels, awareness & connection to your body.

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